District 6110 & MSNI Provide Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

March, April and May of 2020 were busy months for Rotary District 6110 Medical Supplies Network, Inc. (MSNI) supporting the coronavirus pandemic response. Alta searched the entire non-reserved inventory for personal protective equipment and supplies (PPE). Volunteers under the direction of Operations Director V J Lively then accessed the inventoried supplies and broke them out of their pallets and boxes. MSNI was identified in a Tulsa World article as being one of three collection points in the Tulsa area for PPE donations and more masks, gowns, suits, hoodies arm gaiters and footies were dropped off over the course of a week.


As fast as materials were coming in, they were being picked up by groups and delivered to a number of hospitals, first responders and some nursing/support homes. St. Francis Health System in Tulsa was a major recipient of materials. St. John Medical Center and Hillcrest Hospital sites in in South Tulsa and Claremore received PPE as well. Fire stations in Tulsa Claremore as well as the Oolagah EMS were provided materials. A few pediatric masks were even sent to the Hospitality House. Several independent testing sites in Tulsa also received PPE.


MSNI’s reach extended far beyond Tulsa to hospitals in Stillwater and Grove when they were identified early as being particularly vulnerable because their supplies of PPE were critically low and both came for supplies. The Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas received PPE as did the Hot Springs, Arkansas, Fire Department and even the Gaston County EMS in Charlotte, South Carolina. Governor Rolf Hufnagel was contacted by a retirement home in Yellsville, Arkansas, and delivered much needed materials to them from MSNI and other sources. He also delivered much needed supplies to Healthcrest Medical Center.

Even further away and earlier in January, MSNI responded to a call from China for masks and sent a shipment there before the U.S. knew it had a problem.


By mid-April MSNI had distributed over 120,000 masks (P95’s, procedure masks and industrial masks), many thousands of PPE gowns and full body suits and untold (but many thousands) of gloves1500 infant size face mask and other supplies including antiseptic gel. Essentially the total inventory of PPE has been exhausted except for a few procedure masks for MSNI volunteers.


District 6110 Rotarians should be proud of their work with MSNI and the efforts made for the public good. All the hours of volunteer assistance inventorying and packing materials enabled MSNI to quickly identify, access and distribute PPE gear to those who really needed it. V J and Alta did a great job organizing the effort and communicating with the entities calling in for help.


And that’s not all. Volunteers will find a new workspace and lounge area dedicated to just inventorying incoming materials. And it is air-conditioned! Bathroom upgrades in the new workspace and in the warehouse proper will greet volunteers returning in June/July timeframe.



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