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Each month approximately 8,500 pounds of medic al equipment and supplies are shipped from our Tulsa warehouse to a developing nation somewhere in the world.


Locally, we provide individuals and other service groups in our district FREE access to our inventory for whatever their needs may be.


Medical Supplies Network, Inc.
(MSNI) is a Rotary District 6110 project that depends on 10-12 volunteers each week to sort, inventory and pack these donated medical supplies for shipping.


Each Saturday’s mixed group of volunteers includes Rotarians, Non-Rotarians, spouses, children and friends. Realizing that volunteering in the warehouse is not for everyone, another way to help is by donating to the MSNI General Operating Fund.


Fundraisers, like the annual car raffle in October, help defray expenses; but ongoing financial support is needed to enhance the work of MSNI. General Operating funds can be used where they are needed most.



A healthy general operating fund would allow Rotary to assist with emergency shipping funds for recipients who

are unable to obtain funds on their own.


Rotarians who donate $1,000 or more are recognized as Ambassadors of MSNI. In the near future, more divisions will be included to note other levels of giving.


Recipients are responsible for import costs, which are approximately $6,000 - $8,000. If the recipient cannot gather the funds to pay for the shipping and duties, a request can be made to Rotary International, but the long approval time of the request would delay the shipment of the container. Unfortunately, the MSNI warehouse will only hold one month’s donations for shipment. If the containers are not loaded and shipped each month, a backlog of donations might make new donations impossible.


Currently, medical equipment and supply donations are self-generating; if donations are turned away due to lack of space, however Rotary (MSNI) might lose donations from those organizations in the future.


Instead of jeopardizing donations, the containers that are being held for shipping and duty costs are donated to missionary groups that are able to cover the expenses. (By assisting Rotary International selected recipients, MSNI would be able to ensure the intended Rotarian recipients receive the items.)


ROTARY DISTRICT 6110 (MSNI) MEDICAL SUPPLIES NETWORK, INC. • 1123 S Erie • Tulsa, OK 74112-5307 • USA • 918-639-1492