This is what happens when people like you help out a few hours on a Saturday
morning. People 6,240 miles away directly benefit from your
service. You and MSNI can do a world of good.



 Tulsa's Sunrise Rotary is featured during an MSNI Service Saturday where they repackage vitamins for shipment to other countries.

Dr Komi Folly a Tulsa Sunrise Rotarian is paying for a container and shipping from MSNI out of his own pocket. He will be going to Togo, Africa in May to help receive the container.In June he will return to Togo with surgeons and medical personal from Tulsa St Francis for a month long medical mission trip. This one container of supplies could eventually benefit up to 250,000 people. That's an amazing return on the investment of a few hours spread out amoung a few hundred helpers on a few Saturday mornings.

Dr. Komi Folly's container will ship from MSNI 6240 miles to Togo, Africa.

Dr. Komi Folly with the packed container provided by Rotary's MSNI.

The Rotary Club of
Tulsa Sunrise

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